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By Ringine Mutwiri
I was born and raised in a conservative society. One of the common saying was that A MAN’S STOOL IS NOT FOR A WOMAN’S BUTTOCKS. This meant that women had to be women and men had to be men. I fell out with men of my community when I question for how long this saying will hold some water and I found comfort among the women who believed otherwise.
My curiosity for questioning Mother Nature betrayed me as well, when I noted that women started out happily without boobs or hips. All of a sudden they get them, and it feels sloppy. Then just when you start liking them, they start drooping hence I seriously advocated that every girl should use what Mother Nature gave her before Father Time takes it away.
Leaving that away, it’s a fact now that women play a greater role than ever before in history of mankind. And I stand to be corrected by saying that whenever a man is demoralized the family collapses but when a woman is corrupted the nation is at risk.
The fact that today we have women as Nobel laureates, presidents, ministers as well as influential business people tells us that times have changed and whenever the music changes so does the dance. My worry is that we may be still sited on a hell of potential of the women. Maybe the solution to future challenges lies in the beauty of our women. Think of women as army commanders and defense ministers to end our day to day wars. Think of women as managers of our hospitals and they will never run out of drugs. Think of women as entrepreneurs and the moral decay in business is gone. Think of women courting men and paying the dowry and culture is gone.
The question is whether our women will be able to integrate their social economic and political responsibilities with their natural and family responsibilities in such a way that the outcome is a better society. Who is the ideal modern world? Many will differ on this but the ideal woman today must understand that career success is not the only guarantee to happiness and success. The ideal woman should be a peacemaker, a good mother, and a person with a good character and reputation others are just details according to a recent study involving men and women.
Back to my question there is no doubt that the world has changed women. The doubt is will they change the world? The choice is theirs. However those arguing against the changing woman will tell u that: there was a time women cooked like their mothers now they drink like their fathers. They talked in whispers today they gossip is so loud. Time they valued a family now it’s no longer a priority…….
To be a woman is a privilege not a curse. Why? Because a woman is the one who can touch others with her tenderness. A woman is gift from God to mankind. She is a mother who gives birth of the next generation. She is a mother who has responsibility to educate children of the future generation. Her love to the children will always be remembered. She is the manager of her family. Her family well-being depends strongly on her wisdom. The future of this world is in the hand of all women. Why? She is the one who determine the success of her husband career and the success of her children life. Can you now see how important and noble the role of a woman. This is the reason to respect and love yourself. When you do not love and respect yourselves then nobody would do so for you……


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