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You Are Here: Home - HABARI ZA KIMATAIFA , HABARI ZA LEO - A Tanzanian Woman caught with Dhs3 million of drugs blames her husband

IDADI YA WATU WALIOSOMA HABARI HII: counter A woman caught with Dhs3 million of drugs in her suitcase claims she was unwittingly being used as a mule by her husband, Dubai Police said.

The Tanzanian woman was arrested at Dubai International Airportin transit to her home country from Brzail. She claims her husband arranged for her to go on a three-month trip to Brazil so that she could unwind.

However, she told officers that while on holiday, a friend of her husband asked her to take some bags back to Tanzania. She was arrested in Dubai after officers at the airport became suspicious of her behavior. They found 3kg of cocaine in herluggage, worth Dhs3 million.

“She claimed that her husband got her in trouble as he offered her a relaxing trip to Brazil and she went for three months. Her husband’s friend asked her to deliver the bags to her husband in Tanzania,” an official in anti-narcotics said.

The suspect has been referred to public prosecution.


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